oneofthesethingsfirst (oneofthese) wrote in highlysensitive,

At work today...

I had this really annoying girl at work tell me in this really annoying way that I study too much and go on and on saying I don't even see how you can do that, as if she thought something was wrong with me for doing what I do. I just kind of laughed and didn't respond. She really irritated me and from that point on I just decided I wouldn't talk to her at all unless she asked me something. I think this is for the best. I heard her bragging to this other girl about how adept she is at stealing various things just because she "wants" them, how she manipulates guys at this bar she works at so she can get more money from them, and from then on, I knew I would not be her friend. After today, I won't even concern myself about seeming friendly. It's really weird too because right before she went off about that I had this thought like, I'm surprised she hasn't said anything about what I'm working on, she must not think it's weird. Then, she says that. She always has something to say. She never stops talking. I totally cannot relate to that. The whole situation is kind of freeing though because now I don't have to worry about what she thinks of me. I study as much as I feel like I need to study. It might seem like a lot to someone else, but I study at work, so that I can enjoy my free time when I am at home. I do what works for me. We can't all be math/engineering geniuses. Some of us actually have to take essay tests! lol
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