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Katrina Relief// Help me help my beloved N'awlins & the beautiful Gulf Coast people

We've been busy this week trying to help those who evacuateed to our community. We've cooked and prayed, volunteered. Sorted clothes, and given out hugs.  Given clothes, money, loaned what we tools we had available like gas cans..None to be found in our whole town.Cried alot and slept little. Prayed more than anything, and tried to become friends with those affected. I've personally connected with a family from Slidell who lost everything but their 3 cats and their vehicles. They are precious people. I want to do more to help them, I've made a commitment to be their guardian angel while they are in my neighborhood. I want to do more.. WILL YOU HELP ME? I 've come up with a plan. This Friday I'll be having my first art sale directly from my website

 I will donate 25% of  all the profits to Katrina Relief effort. I'll also have a painting(s) or prints that I'll donate 100% of the proceeds directly to the effort. I'll be using this group to donate through


They are doing an incredible job of helping the community and were some of the first on the scene. You can learn more about the effort here:  Dino is a very good friend and his church is doing an incredible job reaching those who are hurting. I trust PRC with every penny, knowing it will go directly to those affected by the storm and not into overhead/administrative costs but to direct relief.

I'll be listing new art Friday for the art sale. If you want to be notified, please join email me so I can send you an invitation. I've got alot to do, and will be busy painting as I believe this will be a great way to help with the efforts. It will be taxing emotionally for me as I feel a loss and sadness but I believe it will also be very theraputic to me.

I'd also like to say a personal thank you to all my friends and collectors, you have been wonderful. I've recieved so many emails of support and concern. It restores my hope in humanity to see how many people truly care and are so giving. Thank you, I know you'll do all you can to help the effort. Hug someone you love, but even better find someone who is hurting and be their friend.  Don't forget to sign up for the sale.



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