Nancy (iluvdaphne) wrote in highlysensitive,

I commented can you? Please do.

go here
and see this and comment please

there is this man in the lj community that will give a $1 for the Red Cross for each comment you post

here is what he says in his journal:

"Now is your time to shine
Dear LiveJournal friends,

In an effort to show the Katrina victims that we care, I have a simple favor to ask of each of you.

Please leave a comment to this post.

You can write whatever you wish in your comment, but please comment once and only once. After you have left your comment, please direct everyone else on your friend's list to this post so they can do the same.

For each comment I receive I will donate $1 to the Red Cross.

I have no idea how long I will let this process go on. It will depend on how many comments I receive and how quickly they come in. I will leave that magic up to you.

Thanks to all of you. -Ryan"

thank you Nancy
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