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checking in with a broken heart

Well, it has been the most heartbreaking week in Louisianan history. Not to mention the whole Gulf States region. The  tragedy that has been uncontainable, and it is much worse than what the media is reporting. Our community is North Louisiana is totally flooded with evacuee's that have fled here for shelter. We have run out of room to house most people, and we as a community are trying to do the best we can to help. It's going to take so much to be able to help these families rebuild their lives. I am so heartbroken as I meet people at Walmart, on the street, in restaurants. Yesterday my girls and I fed the people in the hotel less than a mile from our house.It's a small country hotel right off the interstate, with only 27 rooms. They are completely packed with over 110 people. I've been driving by on my way home, and it is my reality check. Seeing the families just sitting there like refugees with no place to go, nothing to do is gut wrenching. I just couldn't watch it anymore so we got up and went to Walmart and prepared lunch for all of them. Nothing spectacular, just grilled hotdogs, baked beans, chips, sweet tea and cookies. People were so grateful, it broke my heart. They were so appreciative and it was humbling to me. I wanted to be able to do more. I need to do more. We can't just let this happen and sit by and do nothing. Please find a way to help those affected by the storm. Evacuee's are probably in your town, and need help. Buy them a meal, offer clothing, pick up their tab in a restaurant. Take them into your home, house people.Pay for their gas, just ask the people then offer to help. Red Cross needs funds, and donate to charitable organizations, but start now helping those closest to you. Organizations like Operation Blessing and Convoy of Hope are able to get in and offer relief faster in most cases, without so much red tape.Please do all you can, we need your help. Above all love your family, friends and neighbors everyday.

As soon as I am emotionally stable enough to paint I will be listing paintings for hurricane relief. I'll be donating a percentage of each one to hurrican relief. I'll list this paintings here so you can know and help in this way if you choose to do so.

oh, and it's my birthday today. I am 36! So if you want to give me a present, please donate for hurrican relief here:

This is one of the most trusted churches known for their community service in the South Louisiana area. The money will be used correctly going directly to the most needy victims.

Thanks so much!! Hug your loved ones today

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