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A few thoughts and questions.

When I get really excited/happy/UP -- like when something I've been eagerly waiting for for months finally arrives, or when something REALLY good happens -- I find that if I'm UP for too long, I start to feel nauseated. The good feeling turns into a sick feeling, and I start to crash. Does that happen to anyone else? I'm just wondering if it's an HSP thing, a reaction to too strong an emotion.

Usually I focus on the bad parts of being highly sensitive -- it certainly caused plenty of problems in my first relationship, because my boyfriend was constantly touching me, and it drove me out of my head. I'd end up squished into a corner of the couch, my fingers digging into his to keep them from rubbing against my knee. And we'd be around people, so I couldn't tell him to lay off without causing a scene. Ugh. But that's over, and not the point of this! Like I said, I usually focus on the bad things, like that. Over sensitivity. But I've been realizing that I have certain tendencies towards the other end of the spectrum, too.

Sensation-seeking. I'm far more tactile than I ever thought -- not towards people, no no no, but towards objects. Textures. I walk down a hallway with my fingers trailing along the wall, seeking out cracks and bumps. Textured paint is a fantastic thing. Talk about waking up the nerve endings in your fingers. *shivers* Raised text on a label or book? I run my fingers over it as if it were braile. When I'm looking in a bag for something, I tend to stick my hand and feel around before I peer in. The first thing I notice about a food is the texture. That's usually the deciding factor in whether or not I like a food, actually -- not the taste or the smell (those are without a doubt my weakest senses).

I'm sure we all have different senses we're stronger in. I'm betting we all have our sensory "turn ons" -- the things that just make us go, "Ooo." I'm wondering what other people's are!

The great thing about being an HSP is that we feel (see, hear, etc) these things stronger than other people! So while being sensitive can cause problems, it really is a blessing in some regards.

This note brought to you by the letters "H" "S" and "P." Have a lovely day! :D
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